Addiction or Substance Abuse Counsellors work with individuals, families or groups and help those addicted to nicotine, alcohol or drugs.

Behavioural Neuroscience   

Behavioural Neuroscience Psychologists make an in depth study of human behaviour from biological standpoint. They study neurotransmitters, brain circuits and various experimental procedures.

Child Development   

Child Development Psychologist studies how brain develops during childhood and how child behaves, learns and grows.

Clinical Psychology   

Clinical Psychologists study the causes, diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental disorders. They help individual identify signs of mental disorders and help them device strategies to overcome them

Counseling Psychology   

Counseling Psychologists work with individuals or groups and help with career advice, self esteem issues, family issues and resolving stress.

Developmental Psychology   

Developmental Psychologists study how individuals develop emotionally, intellectually and socially over a life span, some may just study children or elders

Educational Psychology   

Educational Psychologists focus on process of Human Learning. They device materials and strategies for improving learning processes and outcomes.

Engineering Psychology   

Similar to Human Factor Psychology, they study how technology related to human behaviour and equipments can be redesigned to be made more user friendly.

Experimental Psychology   

Experimental psychologist research mainly in academic settings on humans or animals. They research the basic tenets of psychology like learning, memory, perception, cognition, motivation and language.

Forensic Psychology   

Forensic psychologists work for law enforcement agencies and are involved in analysing crime evidence

Health Psychology   

Health Psychologists contribute to promotion, maintenance of health and prevention and treatment of illness. They often develop modules for stress management, quit smoking etc

Human Factors Psychology   

These psychologists study Human/Machine Interface. They help making appliances more user friendly like mobiles, cameras also conduct research on human perception and motor abilities

Industrial Psychology   

Industrial / Organizational psychologists predominantly work in domains of relationships between people and their workplace

Marriage / Family Psychology   

A Marriage / Family Counselor works with couples and families going through emotionally challenging times

Mental Health Psychology   

Also called Health Psychologists, contribute to promotion, maintenance of health and prevention and treatment of illness. They often develop modules for stress management, quit smoking etc

Physiological Psychology   

Physiological psychologists predominantly employed in academic set ups, they study the physiological correlates of behaviour

School Psychology   

School Psychologists work with children in school set up. They assess psycho educational abilities of children and help enhance academic, behaviour and career development of children

Social Psychology   

Social psychologists study beliefs, feelings and behaviour and how they are affected by other people

Sports Psychology   

Sports Psychologists analyse of how athletes relate to mental well being and improve their performance by motivating them

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