Programing Success For Children With Auto Suggestion - 2

Programing Success For Children With Auto Suggestion - 2

- By Dr Dhaval Mody

In my previous article we learnt how auto suggestion woks and its benefits. Also how suggestion gradually sinks and what as parent we should not be doing.

The process of autosuggestion is easy one which can help parents achieve not just brilliant kids but kids who grow up successful and confident. The idea is to be used for cultivating positivity and even helping them with getting more positive behavior replacing old and unacceptable ones.

Here is how you can make auto suggestion work; target a behavior you want to change in your child say for example helping him complete his homework on time.

Follow these steps;

Be Affirmative:

Use positive present tense to suggest your child say for example; Let’s get started with your Homework, using appropriate words is very important, avoid saying do your homework. Or have you finished your homework or not?

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat:

Be patient and repeat, tell them how it would be if they completed the task. Be patient and gently persuasive. Do not argue or use negative statements, your belief that the child can do the task is equally important. Do not any time lose your cool. Your belief and patience will pay.

Visualize Success:

Help child visualize success, show him how it would be great to complete his task, what benefits he/she is in for, make the child believe that the task and desired outcome are for their own goals not ones set by parent.

Refrain using Time Limits:

Set goals but refrain setting time limits, while some behaviours may go in a brief period there may be those which may take a while, setting time limits therefore may not work for all behaviours.

Create Success wall

Every Success the child Achieves should be noted and in front of their eyes. These could start with

  • I Achieved
  • I Changed
  • I Can
  • I Am

These sentences will go a long way to show how from a particular behavior change i.e. I achieved my goal of completing my Homework on time to gradually evolving a personality that will say I am now confident of achieving my goals.


These sound simple but couples may have difficulties in execution;

  • Both parents to agree on goals and methodologies to work for it
  • Refrain using any negative language
  • If either parent in a bad mood or having a bad day then do move out of the situation, since a single negative statement may take you weeks back in achieving your goals.

Parents are supreme well-wishers of the child both may come from different backgrounds and may have different ways of looking success for the child, but its only when force applied jointly in one direction result can be achieved.


Start early during the formative years of the child, to ensure better compliance and faster results and persistent success. Eventually the process gets automatic and autocratic for both the parent and the child ensuring lifelong success. 

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