Psychological assessments is a process of identifying an individual's various domains in relation to their academic, behaviour, career, developmental, emotional personality, etc aspects of the individual. These tests are used by psychologists/psychiatrists to identify strengths, weaknesses of individuals in the domains they are tested for. We provide the below mentioned assessments online:


These are designed to identify the psychological makeup and attributes of an individual

Corporate Personality Assessments

Cognitive assessments are done to identify the cognitive capabilities of individuals. These may include tests for intelligence, reasoning, memory and cognitive developments.


These are set of tests to identify aptitude, work, references, subject liking and subject proficiency of students/ employees /professionals seeking options to identify suitable careers.

Emotional Assessments

These are used to qualify and quantify emotions that affect the individual eg. Anxiety, Depression, Suicide Ideation, etc


These are used to identify proficiency of communication in speaking and writing in particular languages

Other Assessments

Other tools to identify multiple intelligence based on Gardnerís theory, tools for career readiness etc. are included in this category.


Can be used to enhance working memory of children identified with ADD, ADHD and Autism.