About Us

We are a team of dedicated mental health professionals with over two decades of experience in Teaching, Training and Treating those in need of mental health services.

Our greatest strength; we come with not just the conviction but experience and expertise to meet the mental health needs of all. We are a Health Care company with an IT Solution.

Promotive - Preventive - Interventional - Rehabilitative
Mental Health Care

Remoulding Approach towards Mental Health

  • Right Information about mental health
  • Right Knowledge towards Emotional & Mental Health
  • Right Attitude to Mental Health
  • Decatastrophise notions for mental health
  • Destigmatise social and family taboos for mental health

Redefining Access to Mental Health

  • Changing Mental Health Delivery System
  • Mental Health now in your Hands
  • Appointments, Consultations and Prescriptions all through a mobile app
  • Care - Comfort - Cure for mental health

Refining Skills for Mental Health

  • Educating masses towards mental health
  • Training Mental Health Professionals for enhancing Professional Skills
  • Evolving a network for collaboration and development of Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Affordable, Accessible and Available to All.